Daily Archives: 05/28/2015

Talks and Demonstrations

It is such a privilege to do the work I do and see people move out of seemingly negative situations to find renewed feelings of well being and relief that I cannot resist wanting to take this work and share it with the World.
Therefore I am always willing to give talks and demonstrations about my work whether it be to small or larger groups and show how we can shift from negative to positive energy and in doing so feel so much better.

The Heal Your Life workshops aim to help people by opening them to the possibility that their thoughts and the words they speak are creating their future whether for positive or negative experiences and open them to the possibility that their bodies may be giving them messages in the form of the ailments or dis-ease affecting them.
It is interesting to see that if asked to name their good points most people struggle but ask them to name the bad ones and they will find many !

Learning the power of our thoughts, words and emotions is a very empowering tool and one I believe we could all benefit from. How many times do we hear someone say,
“I knew that would happen.” of course they did, they’ve probably been unconsciously planning it for ages.

Children brought up with this awareness would I am sure create a much kinder, more equal and peaceful world than the one we currently inhabit.

The Heal Your Life workshops create a tool for the future whilst Resonance Repatterning allows us to move through the negative, both conscious and unconscious beliefs we may be carrying, often acquired in childhood, and which are stll affecting our lifes. Thus RR allows us to come into coherence for acheiving our aims and desires.
Giving the example of someone trying to tune into Coronation St. from BBC is something most people understand. This is key to Resonance Repatterning, its difficult to be successful when our vibration or programme is tuned into failure.

Often when giving a demonstration or talk I’m overwhelmed by the majesty of this process, A simple muscle testing process can identify from a group of volunteers who would most benefit from a short session and be the best candidate to support others who have opted to be proxied or joined in to the sessions benefits. Its been known for a seemingly, difficult energy situation to be transformed simply by the toning of different musical notes, breathing in paticuliar ways, holding various energetic points on the body

or other simple modalities. The energy can shift and the person find Relief and a change of thought or direction. Those proxied in are also often are aware of a shift in their own energy.
Resonance Repatterning opens us to coming into coherence with our hopes and desires when we seem unable to move forward and feel stuck.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also lends itself to similar group benefits.
People may opt to join in with a session during a talk in a process we call ‘Borrowing benefits’.
As we tap certain meridian energy points on the body and repeat sentences identifying our issues we can restore the balance of energy in the body and improve life on so many levels. It can provide effective relief for fears and phobias, anxiety of all kinds, stress emotional and relationshop issues as well as unresolved issues from the past.

In talking about Reiki its a lovely experience to see people maybe feel healing energy in their hands for the first time and become aware of their own energy body or aura.

As stated its a joy for me to talk about my work.
A group of beauticians from Lancashire and the group, ‘Open Minds’ in Benalmadena on The Costa del Sol have been the most recent to participate in my talks and demonstrations.
So whether you live in the sun or in the cool of the Burnley, Blackburn , and Clitheroe areas and think a group you are involved with would benefit from a demonstration just contact me via the web site, onlywellbeing.com