Holistic Therapies

To feel more ‘well-being’ in any area of your life is something most people would desire. If this is true of you, Jeanne of ‘ is trained in holistic therapies deigned to bring emotional relief, calmness, de-stressing and an ability to see the bigger picture back into your life.

A therapist with over twenty years of experience Jeanne offers:

Resonance Repatterning

resonance repatterning

Resonance Repatterning works on the belief that we and everything around us, is, in fact, a pulsing field of energy.

Therefore our good health, harmonious relationships, and the success and pleasure we receive from our life and our work are determined by the state of our energy, or frequency patterns going out from us affecting the life we experience for better or worse. When we are in sync with our optimal range we are happy, full of energy and can move through difficulties with a sense of ease, when we out of sync our experience is much more negative.

Just like trying to find a particular Radio programme we have to be on the right wave band to experience what we want in life.

Many of our problems or our inability to succeed or move forward in life have at their core old beliefs or experiences, often from childhood, mostly forgotten or unconscious but still taking their toll.

Through the use of muscle testing and the RR process these old beliefs can be safely identified and transformed so we can move into coherence for achieving our positive intentions, achieving our best and freeing ourselves from our fears, enabling us to live with more joy, peace of mind, love and health.

Modalities for creating this transformation may include movement, colour, light, sound, breathing patterns, acupressure points as well as many others.

The underlying principles of Resonance Repatterning® are not new, having been taught in the ancient wisdom of India and other cultures, but what is exciting is that these ideas are now being validated through Scientific research in Quantum Physics.

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

eft EFT is a very simple but powerful process which can help people release their problems, providing effective relief for many issues and enabling people to move forward and feel better about themselves and their futures.

EFT works on the premise that emotional upsets are the result of imbalances in the body’s energy system often brought about by past negative situations, negative emotions and or limiting beliefs from the past.

Based on ancient acupressure and modern psychology, EFT consists of tapping with your fingers on certain meridian points of your body such as hands, forehead and temples whilst focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. Combining this with speaking affirmations and positive spoken words can restore the balance of energy in the body and improve life on many levels. It can provide effective relief for fears and phobias, anxiety of all kinds, stress, emotional and relationship issues as well as unresolved issues from the past.

The Metamorphic Technique

metamorphic technique The Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that enables us to access more of our own potential. Self empowering It helps us to help ourselves and to steer our own path.

The practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head providing a safe relaxing place where you can ‘just be’. Each of us has innate, natural abilities we can connect with, given the right environment. The practitioner provides that space.

People are often drawn to the technique in times of stress or difficulties and many find they cope better in these periods of transition. Some may wish to make deep inner changes without having to analyse the past, others find that in times of stress they are able to deal with situations more effectively.

The technique is completely safe for everyone, including pregnant women and can be used alongside conventional or complimentary approaches.

Children often love to have their feet done, if for short periods of time.

Parents with young children visiting a practitioner are encouraged to share the sessions and shown how to continue to use the technique at home. Many children who suffer with various chronic disabilities or learning difficulties really enjoy receiving sessions.

Angelic Reiki including Usui Reiki sessions and attunements

reiki Rei in Japanese means Higher Power or Gods Wisdom, Ki- means Life Force Energy. Therefore Reiki is vital life energy which can be activated for healing.

As a Reiki therapist Jeanne channels this energy through her hands to the client, hence activating the body ‘s natural ability to heal itself, and as a Reiki Master / Teacher passes this Energy on to others who wish to learn to use the energy themselves.

Reiki Energy goes to wherever it is needed most. It is generally experienced as a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness, or gentle tingling in the area being treated. As the energy comes into balance, stress and tension can be released to give a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of well- being.

It is completely safe for all age groups including pregnant women and will compliment most kinds of medication and other treatments. Reiki is a safe, natural holistic way of treating illness, healing energy in the truest sense.

A session lasts approximately one hour and is done with the client sitting or lying down while the therapist places her hands over various positions of the body, there is no need to remove clothing. sailing and sunsetLouise Hay, Heal Your Life Workshops

Learn how to use affirmations and our emotions to change our words and negative thought patterns which may be keeping us from living life at our optimal, happy best.

Individual and group workshops available.

How to Book a Session

To book a session or learn more about any of the therapies offered contact Jeanne.

Jeanne now divides her time between East Lancashire and the Costa del Sol and practises in both areas. Resonance Repatterning and EFT sessions available by Skype or phone anywhere in the world.

About Jeanne

jeanne After spending much of her life teaching in Primary schools and whilst still working Jeanne began her own inner and transformative journey into the field of Holistic Therapies, until today she is able to help others find more inner peace and well being within themselves.