About Jeanne

About your practitioner

jeannesFor many years I was a primary teacher before becoming interested in Alternative
therapies and commencing training.

Since then the world of Alternative therapies has become my passion.

My own stress took me to the work of Louise Hay and having experienced the benefits for
myself I knew I had to introduce others to this brilliant work. This culminated in me
becoming a Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ course leader in 1995 and then to receiving the
Reiki attunements and becoming a Reiki Practitioner and Master, teaching others on the
Reiki path.

The Metamorphic technique followed and after training with Gaston St Pierre I become a
practitioner in 1999.

As my interest in Alternative therapies grew I was introduced to Resonance Repatterning
and my passion to learn more about this cutting edge therapy was fuelled. Hence my
training began and in 2003 I became a certified practitioner. New information is constantly
being garnered and each practitioner constantly evolving by completing extra training
within each 24 month period.

My curiosity never satisfied, the new and exciting therapy of EFT, Emotional Freedom
Technique has now also been added to the list of therapies which I practise for the benefit
of clients.

For more information on any of the therapies or to book a session contact me